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Recent honorees include:
Merritt Linzie
Hiway Federal Credit Union
May 2015
Jerry Holland
Hiway Federal Credit Union
May 2015
Joanne Johnson
US Federal Credit Union
May 2015
Ray Burnett
Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union
March 2015
Penny K. Jarnot
Energy Services Federal Credit Union
September 2014
Jacqueline Moen
Mayo Employees Federal Credit Union
June 2014
Jim DeBilzan
Unity One Credit Union
June 2014
Steve Ahlness
Greater Minnesota Credit Union
April 2014

Keenly focused on financial education and professional development initiatives, the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation is an organization dedicated to providing the resources for credit unions and communities to prosper and thrive. The Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1969 to serve as the charitable arm of the Minnesota credit union movement. Founded by the Minnesota Credit Union Network and governed by a board of directors from various Minnesota credit unions, the Foundation considers grant requests with an eye toward its goal of empowering people to achieve. 

Reporting classroom presentations

Credit unions are encouraged to notify the National Youth Involvement Board (NYIB) of their classroom presentations made throughout the year. Reporting financial education presentations is beneficial to MnCUF, MnCUN, CUNA and NYIB in providing information to state and federal elected officials. This quantitative data helps illustrate to lawmakers the credit union difference.  ► more

Investment program makes Foundation support quick & painless

Credit unions take advantage of the Community Investment Fund (CIF) to support state and national financial educatin efforts. When investing in the CIF, credit unions receive 50 percent of the return, and the remaining 50 percent goes toward supporting the Minnesota and National foundations. ► more